LAK – Business Experts

The LAK – Business Experts network was founded by seasoned business experts from different industries and with different functional experience. All the members of the network have comprehensive experience from the pressure in the rat race, having succeeded in their own businesses and they know what challenges you meet out there. The extensive network, the experience from different areas of business and the versatile expertise will guarantee that you will find someone who understands your issues and challenges, whatever business you are in.

We are trained and accredited by an international organization of business advisers, with associates in more than thirty countries. Read more about this organization and the concept here. The LAK – Business Experts associates are based in Finland, having the entire global network and expertise at our disposal whenever needed.

As a manager running your own business, you are on you own. You are expected to know everything yourself, to do everything yourself. Being an owner/manager is the loneliest place in business. To prosper in business and in your life in general, you need someone from time to time, who can provide a neutral analysis of your situation, solve your tricky issues, and give you advice on what to do next. Advice from someone who has been there, and survived, is often invaluable.

Please contact us for a free-of-charge consultancy discussion by sending an email, or looking at the list of associates on page “LAK:in asiantuntijat” and contacting any one of us directly.


“practical advice that works”